Alnatura Green olives

Barcode 4104420129849

Switzerland (CH)


170.0 g

Ingredients (German)

Oliven* grün, Wasser, Meersalz, Zitronensaft*, Säueregulator: Milchsäure * aus biologischer Landwirtshcaft

Ingredients (English)

Green olives *, water, sea salt, lemon juice *, acidity corrector: lactic acid * organic farming

Ingredients (French)

Olives* vertes, eau, sel marin, jus de citron*, correcteur d'acidité: acide lactique * de l'agriculture biologique

Ingredients (Italian)

Olive verdi *, acqua, sale marino, succo di limone *, correttore di acidità: acido lattico * agricoltura biologica

Nutritional values
100 g
Energy (Calories / kCal) 150.0 kCal
Energy 617.0 kJ
Fat 14.0 g
Saturated fat 1.8 g
Carbohydrates 3.5 g
Sugars 0.5 g
Fiber 3.0 g
Protein 0.9 g
Salt 4.0 g
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